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 This  gun has been inspected and is in excellent like new condition. Save a few bucks and get the benefit of having the Daisy techs go over it and make sure it is an excellent working Rife as it is.


This Rifle includes the Operation Manual ,Shooting Safety Rules Booklet, Small Targets and all contact information directly to Daisy customer service Department should you need it during the life of the Rifle.


It also Includes

 re-manufactured with

 Daisy's One Year Warranty.


This Rifle is a 177 cal Pellet and BB gun and






Thids Rifle includes the model 808 Air rifle Scope. You can control the power of the rifle by the air pumps. This rifle features a molded Monte Carlo stock and forearm, easy pump action and a magazine capacity of 50 BBs allowing you to shoot all day while only needing to refill the rifle a couple of times. To fire the rifle, pump the gun up to ten times for maximum velocity and simply pull back the bolt and push it forward. Every repetition of this action loads another BB. You can also single load your choice of any .177 caliber pellets.



Nice Deal form DMseeleys. Note all state laws apply: Hit your target with the Daisy Model 880 BB Carbine Air Rifle with Scope. The forearm of this rifle features a 4 X 15 rifle scope that offers excellent precision. The rifle can shoot with BBs as well as pellets with a velocity of about 800 ft/s. The multi-pump pneumatic action further increases its performance.

The air gun is made of hollow molded wood grain stock, which makes it light yet sturdy. The steel barrel adds to its durability. The Daisy Air Rifle is ideal for beginners due to its safe cross bolt trigger block mechanism. The Daisy Model 880 BB Carbine Air Rifle with Scope is an impressive gun. It can hit targets at a distance of up to nearly 300 yards.


  • Monte Carlo-style molded wood grain stock
  • Rifled steel barrel
  • Multi-pump pneumatic action
  • Maximum velocity: 800 ft/s
  • Maximum shooting distance: 291 yds
  • Uses .177 cal (4.5 mm) BBs or pellets
  • 50-shot capacity (BBs)
  • Crossbolt trigger block safety
  • Length: 37.5"


    YOU Must be at least 18 years of age to purchase Daisy Air Rifles from DMSeeleysTools

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    New Jersey

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    US Virgin Islands

    Stratford, CT Zip codes: 06614, 06615

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    (all 5 boroughs) Zip codes: 10001 & 10292 (inclusive of all numbers)

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    Rochester, NY

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    Yonkers, NY

    Zip codes: 10701 & 10710 (inclusive of all numbers)

    Cincinnati, OH

    Zip codes: 45201 & 45299 (inclusive of all numbers); and 45999

    Philadelphia, PA

    Zip codes: 19019 & 19197 (inclusive of all numbers) and 19244, 19255

    Johnson City, TN Zip codes: 37601, 37602, 37604, 37605, 37614, 37615

    Washington DC District of Columbia 20001-20599, 56901-56902, 56904, 56915, 56920, 56933, 56944, 56945, 56950, 56965, 56972







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