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 This Miter box Hack Saw hand tool from DMSeeleysTools.com has Improved Quality, the Miter Box Hack Saw now has a steel back bone and a comfort grip rubber handle instead of a impact plastic handle like many of the other Miter box Hack saws and includes a metal adjustment knob. Also this saw Includes  3-- 6" Blades plus the sturdy aluminum Miter Box as seen. The Miter Box is 8 1/2" long times 1/1/4" high by 1 & 7/8" total width with a 1 and 1/4" I.D. width and open ends. 


This quality mini Miter Box Hack Saw works well with precision cuts for framing or any hobby cutting that needs to be exact. It will cut wood, plastic and metal. The hand tool saw measures about 10 3/4" inches in total length and has a comfortable Rubber handle with a sturdy hand tool metal frame.


The hand tool saw has an easy metal turning knob for removing and inserting blades and comes with a total of 3 blades. This saw will cut to a depth of 2 1/4" in the Miter Box. The neat Mini Aluminum alloy Miter box cuts miters at 45 degrees and 90 degrees with 1 1/2 cutting capacity. The extended front lip on the Miter Box hamd tool butts up against any work table to reduce slipping and holds the box in place. Clamp it or drill holes in it for a more permanent mount.


The 6" carbon steel blades and Miter Box is great for cutting smaller objects. The carbon steel blades easily cuts the most commonly used angles: 45°, and 90°. Its compact size makes it perfectly made for compact spaces and the blade can be relied on for easily cutting wood, plastic or metal. Includes (3) Blades for the Hacksaw and (1) metal miter box Plus the Hack Saw Frame. This quality Hand Tool Saw is available here from DMSeeleystools.




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Great addition to my craft room.

I looked all over for a miter box that I could use a hacksaw with for jewelry fabrication. This is the best value out there, and exactly what I was looking for. It is great for light duty applications. I permanently mounted it to my bench and paired it with some little c clamps for small item cutting accuracy. Highly recommend this set up.