Threaded Steel Rivet Nut Assortment

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From DMSeeleysTools this handy workshop and home repair assortment. This Steel Ribbed Riv nut repair kit assortment allows a medium amount of rivet nuts for repairs. There is an equal amount of each Steel Ribbed Rivet Nuts when other kits will short the bigger sizes to keep the price down since they cost more. Why be stuck with large amounts of Riv nuts you may never use when with this Steel ribbed kit you still are covered for a simple repair or small project.. Each size in this kit has 12 Ribbed/splined Rivet Nuts 1-Doz. in the following more popular Metric sizes (M-3, M-4, M-5 M-6, M-8,).

This is the Steel Metric Kit----from DMSeeleysTools

The Rivet Nut is like putting a nut on the other side when only one side of the material is accessible when installed with a proper rivet nut instillation tool. They also work well for stripped holes as an insert that will repair the stripped hole. See our various and growing DMSeeleysTools brand Rivet Nut Pullers on e-bay.

This kit includes:

12 Each in splined/ribbed Steel

M-3, M-4, M-5 M-6, M-8).


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60 total Rivet Nuts

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Weight: 0.08 LBS
Width: 7.00
Height: 2.00
Depth: 9.00

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